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The CrossFit Games 2014

This weekend brings the 2014 CrossFit Games!!! Get excited 

This year we will be having screening of the 2014 CrossFit Games at SXF in Studio B. 
Due to Americas time difference the viewings will be held from 10pm on wards finishing at 7am most mornings. 
It will be a sleep over style so bring your matrees, sleeping bags, hot chocolates, nibbles, and BYO drinks if needed :) 
We will be having $1 sweepstakes for each event so bring along your change and betting hats too. 
Everyone is welcome and you don't have to stay the whole night so feel free to pop down for a few hours or stop in for the whole weekend :)

Here are a few things you will need to know about the weekend:

• Friday night will kick it all off. The first event (The Team relay run) will be starting at 12am. The viewing will run through till 6:45am the next day

• Bring along Sleeping Bags, mattresses, blankets and anything you need to make yourself comfortable 

• BYO food and Drinks what ever you need to keep awake - coffee machine will be next door for your caffein fixes.

More details and some rules will be posted later in the week 

Follow the link below to keep up to date with all the info  

2014 Crossfit Games - AUS Times (EST) :

Facebook Event HERE: